• Rendezvous Writers

    Rendezvous Writers


    Saturday, 1st June 2013 6:30pm start.


    Tickets $25 due to demand RSVP is essential to avoid disappointment.


    Live, Love, Laugh....

  • An Evening with Annette Henderson

    This is one for all you animal lovers and conversationalists out there. Annette Henderson author of 'Wild Spirit' has lived with the Apes in Africa and she will be here in Dayboro to tell us all about it. We certainly are blessed with the people who live in and around our community.

    In her book, Annette recounts the depth of awe she felt for her surroundings, and her delight in being able to meet gorillas. Her determination to change her life, and the depth of helplessness she felt at the natives continued slaughter of wildlife, is clearly relayed in this volume. A wild and exciting Journey An evening not to be missed.


  • A Morning with Edwina Shaw

    Edwina talked to us about her first novel, "Thrill Seekers", the process of writing and the arduous task of publishing. Thrill seekers is a hard... hitting story of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks and the dangers of too much partying, much too young. A fabulous morning was had by all who came.

    Thrill Seekersis one of those special books that brings you inside both the heart and mind of several characters without missing a beat. You a totally 'there' for all of them, and constantly alert to what might happen next. Edwina expertly balances the grittiness of life for this group of adolescents with insights of extraordinary empathy and wisdom. Finishing the book, one thought came to mind: Thrill Seekers should be on the English curriculum list of every high school in Australia and compulsory reading for parents." Megan Hills Wordmix


    Edwinas second novel "When it rains" has just made the top fifty in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award! You can Click here to read an excerpt.


    To view a promotional video for Thrill Seekers, CLICK here.

    Other links for Edwina are listed below





  • An Evening with Kathryn Delaney

    Kathryn Delaney embarked on a journey that plunged her straight into the unknown when she visited pen-pals in North America. Kathryn assumed the trip would be friendly and civilised but each location brought a vastly different set of circumstances, some of which saw her screaming right out of her comfort zone.


    Kathryn's willful determination and warm-hearted empathy carries her through, grateful...y finding friendship and enjoyment from unexpected sources. The events and incidents range from outstanding natural beauty to domestic squalor and decadence.


    This is a 'warts and all' account of Kathryn's experiences from Alaska to Mexico and several points in between. As with many things in life, she only realised what she had gained after the journey was over.


    Kathryn has written short stories and has won several writing competitions. Having been blessed with a vivid imagination and a love of theater, penning two-act comedies was a natural progression.


    'Infinitely More Interesting Than a Loaf of Bread' is Kathryn Delaney's first book and is written in a comfortable style that will appeal to both would-be travelers and those who enjoy reading about life experiences of others.


    Kathryn lives in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains with her husband and two boisterous border collies.


  • Book Launch

    REV GIRL Local Book Launch

    Saturday, May 31st, From 11am

    Rendezvous at Dayboro, The Readers Teahouse

Open 8am to 4pm daily. Shop 2, No.1 Williams St. Dayboro.
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